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Welcome to the website honoring Abe Levitow, one of animation’s overlooked talents.
Abe was an exceptionally strong draftsman and highly regarded within the industry as both an animator and director. Most animation aficionados know Abe primarily as an animator in Chuck Jones’ unit at Warner Bros. However, he began directing shortly before the end of his tenure at Warner’s and continued to direct and produce for the rest of his career. Abe started at Leon Schlesinger Productions, the forerunner of Warner Bros. Cartoons at the age of 17 and spent over fifteen years working with the Looney Tunes characters. He later served in a directorial capacity on both of UPA’s features, supervised two Mr. Magoo TV series, directed the very first animated TV special and made key contributions as director and producer on other animated features, TV specials, theatrical shorts and commercials. Abe, a classically trained artist himself, was exceptionally well liked by his crews and constantly encouraged their creativity.

His untimely death in 1975 at the age of 52 caused him to miss the renewed interest in animation’s legacy during the 1990s. This website is intended to recognize his work and achievements in the animation industry.


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has announced our donation of the Abe & Charlotte Levitow Collection.
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A book on the making of Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol is now available at:
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